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The SFR Création

Mis à jour le May 25, 2021

maci facilities
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The building is designed by the architect Jacques Ripault. It will be a shared space, which will promote scientific and educational synergies between creation and innovation.
It will house specialised spaces and will offer a large range of equipment adapted to new project requirements in creative-based fields.

The premises have been conceived:
  • As a collaborative workspaces for various users such as researchers, doctoral and graduate students, teachers, invited scholars and other artist scholar professionals
  • As a place of educational experimentations between theory and practice and between research and teaching
  • As a privileged meeting spot, between professionals (artists, writers and those who are in-house) taking part in training courses

At the heart of these premises:
  • Arts Live Lab - 280 m2 space for the experimentation of live art, exhibitions and installations
  • Sound and video labs
  • Digital workshop space
  • Sound proofed studios and computer rooms
  • Offices for-invited artists.
  • Studios for physical practices (theatre, dance, somatics etc)
  • Projection room
  • Resource and archive centre
  • Production workshops
  • Conference room
  • Video conference

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