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International Writing Residencies

Mis à jour le April 29, 2021

The program aims to promote diversity, by welcoming writers from all around the world in residence in Grenoble. This program comes as part of the artists’ residencies developed since 2016, which encourage the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge coming from artistic practices.

A collaboration with Paroles d’ailleurs, a UGA Editions series, is being considered in the context of the international writers and artists’ residencies set up by the SFR at la Maci. The idea is to offer artists in residence, especially writers and authors, not only the possibility to create a text during their stay at UGA (Maci), but also to see their work highlighted during a final event or through publication. It can even result in the publication of the translation of the work produced, for texts in foreign languages.

Thus, the first stone of the project has been laid, through the future publication of a translation by Lise Dumasy of a novella written by a Canadian writer, Lisa Moore, in residence at la Maci in 2019. The reciprocal work between the writer and the translator might be explored in the context of the translation-creation workshop, one of the leading programs at SFR creation/arts in the alps, led by Pascale Roux and Rhida Boulaâbi. Exchanges, workshops and meetings open to researchers, students and a wider audience, may be organised.

A study day on the theme of translation and the questions raised by its process is to be organised in Autumn 2021. Writing workshops will also take place at the same time.

The second residency of the program is planned for Spring 2022.

*The UGA Editions Paroles d’ailleurs series, directed by Claire Maniez and Laurent Gallardo, is open to academics who want to highlight, through their translations, the work of foreign authors and thinkers, little known in France, and whose speech deserves to be heard according to the translator. Specialised in the study of a foreign language, these academics who work in the wide domain of foreign languages are researchers, but also spokespeople for a foreign speech, be it foreign in terms of space, time or both.  

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