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Mis à jour le January 26, 2018

The Publishing House of University Grenoble Alpes is developing a digital and paper book collection (paper and digital) with the SFR Création. Both an international scientific and an international interdisciplinary editorial board will work with an international editorial board. This collection will be dedicated to publishing works mainly based on external scientific supports.

Privileged topics

This collection will gather projects questioning the frontiers between academic research and artistic experimentation in the performing arts such as dancing, theatre, cinema, design and media theory.

Editorial and multifaceted ecosystem

  • Publishing paper and digital books in an innovative way.
  • Further available multimedia on an associated website.
  • Online publishing.

Link with the SFR Création

The ambition is to not only publish the works of artists and researchers working for the SFR Création but also to create a larger database for local productions. This collection will be dedicated to be used as an interface between the Francophone and Anglophone cultures, by introducing internationally recognised references in French through the Lingua Franca that English has become and by exporting some Francophone works and help their translation into English.

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