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Research Centre

Mis à jour le May 7, 2021

Located in the heart of the University Grenoble Alpes, the SFR Création is a French research centre (federative research structure) which fosters the experimentation and development of practice led, praticed based, and research-creation approaches. Its scientific profile is based on five main themes in the areas of artistic and creative practice and production:
  • Experimentation of new languages, forms, and practices
  • Analysis of processes and practices
  • Historical and temporal studies
  • Critical observations and reflexive approaches regarding socio-cultural factors
  • Critical perspectives and implications of territorial and political issues

The SFR Création initiated by the LITT&ART UMR CNRS laboratory coordinates the activities of eleven research laboratories working in the fields of the arts, literature, computer science, languages and humanities. All of the various projects which benefit from the support of the SFR Création aim at leading to interdisciplinary synergies exploring the links between practice, theory, research, and education.

The SFR Création works in partnership and collaboration with several cultural institutions in Grenoble, in France and abroad. The SFR Création also acts as a hub for new collaborative projects providing researchers with both ressources and facilities.

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